The VWlog8 GPRS is an eight channel Datalogger which reads most commercially available geotechnical and structural Vibrating Wire (VW) sensors and optional thermistor temperature sensors, communicating via GPRS.

Readings are stored internally in a ring memory and uploaded wirelessly to the users FTP site via the mobile internet network (GSM and GPRS).

The software included easily enables the user to setup the logger configuration file, parameters and schedules before uploading to the users FTP site, making the device completely adaptable to site specific changes. The VWlog8 GPRS will automatically use these settings when it performs its scheduled synchronisation.


Product Features 

  • Wireless data retrieval via the mobile internet network to users own FTP site
  • Fully configurable data logging schedule for each channel with programmable start and end times
  • Ring memory capable of storing 10,000 records
  • Firmware updated over the mobile internet connection
  • Low power consumption

Product Benefits

  • Readings are accurate, repeatable with low interference
  • Optional 15V excitation ensures quality readings from sensors with long cables
  • Internet enabled; data uploaded directly to users own FTP site
  • Quick and easy to set up in the field; no site PC required
  • Logger set up requires no programming skill and is carried wirelessly via the FTP site or locally using the SD card and software
  • Logger initiated communication; no requirement for fixed IP address
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VWlog8 GPRS is available as a complete package with enclosure and various power options, or as a basic logger module.

Before going to site, a SIM setup and logger configuration file are created and saved onto the SD card; the logger configuration file can be later updated via FTP.

The SIM and SD cards are then inserted into the VWlog8 GPRS.

Finally the VWlog8 GPRS is combined with an 11 to 20V DC battery and a suitable antenna and installed within an enclosure.

On site, up to eight VW sensors and a power supply are connected to the VWlog8 GPRS and the mobile data plan signal checked to enable the logger to start taking and transmitting readings.

Communication is initiated by the logger, so there is no requirement for a fixed IP address. The readings are transmitted remotely to an FTP site which is then accessed off site to obtain the data.

The Firmware is easily updated over the mobile internet connection (GSM and GRPS) or locally via the SD card.

The VWlog8 GPRS has low power consumption, with a fully charged 7Ah lead acid battery lasting up to six months when reading all 8 channels every 60 minutes and uploading the data twice daily.


The VWlog8 GPRS can be used to read Vibrating Wire sensors for geotechnical and structural monitoring.

Typical monitoring applications include:

Pore pressure
Water level
Pressure cell