The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout is capable of reading any Vibrating Wire sensor operating between 400Hz and 6000Hz which covers almost all commercially available VW sensors.

The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout is a portable, lightweight device that can read all Vibrating Wire sensors. It is powered by standard AA cells, has a long battery life and an automatic switch-off function.

The VW Handheld Readout is manufactured from durable ABS plastic, has an IP66 rating, and comes with a protective rubber housing; it is suitable for use in all weathers.

The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout comes with a standard lead that connects to the readout via a Lemo plug and socket. This lead terminates in four crocodile clips, two for Vibrating Wire sensor reading and two for thermistor reading. An optional lead is available for connecting to a terminal box.


This instrument is available to hire. Call 01825 765044 or email to check availability or to place an order.

Product Features 

  • Small, portable and ruggedised
  • Four sweep ranges that read almost all Vibrating Wire sensors
  • User selectable display units for Frequency or Period
  • Direct reading of thermistor temperature in degrees Celsius
  • Display backlight

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Runs on standard AA batteries; long battery life
  • Easy operation
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The readout is connected to the sensor. One of four independent sweep ranges is selected using the front panel and readings are displayed in Hz, F2/1000, or period units. The readings display on a high resolution, backlit, twin-line LCD display which makes reading the display easy in all conditions, including bright sunlight. The unit turns off automatically after 20 minutes. A display backlight can be switched on when using the readout at night.

The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout also reads thermistors that are fitted to the sensor. The temperature reading displays in degrees Celsius alongside the selected Vibrating Wire unit.


The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout can read any Vibrating Wire sensor that operates between 450Hz and 6000Hz; in practice this covers almost all Vibrating Wire sensors made by any manufacturer.

Typical applications include:
For all base readings and field measurements for all Vibrating Wire sensors.