itmsoil's In-Site software has been developed for the purpose of importing and analysing inclinometer data. In-Site has been designed to be user friendly and simple to use.

‘In-Site’ software is a powerful data management tool used for processing inclinometer data. ‘In-Site’ facilitates automatic data reduction, incorporating graphing, reporting and presentation features.

‘In-Site’ software can be used with most commercially available inclinometer systems and is not specific to any one type of inclinometer casing.

‘In-Site’ allows the user to import data directly from the inclinometer Field PC and display Incremental, Cumulative and Absolute profiles in graphical format.

Product Features 

  • Easy exportation of trend graphs
  • Simple icons and menus
  • Strata can be easily applied with fill patterns and colours to define
  • Report function
  • Alert functions
  • Handles data from all popular types of inclinometers
  • Probes of any gauge length supported
  • Supports metric and imperial units

Product Benefits

  • Downloaded data can be viewed in various formats
  • Exported graphs can be viewed without the use of ‘In-Site’ software
  • Easy handling and presentation of data
  • Simple to use; no need to navigate menus
  • Reports include cumulative displacement plots
  • Alerts enable critical monitoring
  • Versatile
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Data is entered by direct retrieval from analogue inclinometers, by importing files from an inclinometer, or by manually inputting data. An icon-based system allows easy analysis and includes features such as data reduction, plotting and graphs in various formats.

More than one database may be viewed at a time and data can be dragged and dropped. Pattern and colour options allow clear definition of different strata.


‘In-Site’ can be used with most commercially available inclinometer systems. It is not specific to any one type of inclinometer casing and can be used with analogue instruments.

It is ideal for analysing large volumes of data into presentation formats.